Chasing Anna is a pop band from Zurich. Consisting of Renato Curschellas (Chur/Zurich), Jonas Treichler (Zurich), Florian Coray (Zurich) and Daniel Pinkelnig (Zurich), they strive to establish a genuine connection with their listeners through their heartfelt pop music and unfiltered exploration of everyday themes. With infectious melodies and relatable lyrics, Chasing Anna aims to captivate a wide range of audiences, leaving no one untouched. Above all, the band values the natural and authentic essence of their pop sound.

After the first three singles, through which the band already garnered radio airplay on SRF 3 (Punkt CH), Radio Swiss Pop, RTR, Radio Munot, and Radio Nord Vaudoise, the full EP is now released, featuring the two new tracks, «Crown» and «White Lies.» The EP was created in collaboration with producer Philippe Laffer (Marius Bear; Crimer; Züri West) and serves as the band’s debut EP, marking a milestone for the band as they aim to establish themselves in the Swiss music scene.

The title track, «White Lies,» reflects the creation process of the EP. The four band members encountered time and personal limits in their daily grind during the time of production. Driven by their passion for making music, they kept on working, motivating themselves by telling themself: «Today it’s not working out, but it’ll surely be better tomorrow”, knowing very well that this probably wasn’t going to be the case.

Musically, the songs of the EP invite you to sing and dance. They celebrate everyday life with all its challenges and joys, cherish both new and old love, and remind us to jump through puddles on rainy days. The producer of the EP succinctly described the the sound on the EP with the Swiss-German phrase: Listening to the song “makes the sun shine out of one’s a***” which loosely translates to a feeling of being overjoyed. The band considers their goal achieved!